Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Will Hunting

I don't know about other cities but we have the most awesome Goodwill store in ours. Seems hard to believe but in a few short weeks Massey will be flapping her way out of our nest and leaving for college. In true Cotton style, we have been hitting the Goodwill Emporium for some really incredible finds. All name brands, some even still have the Banana Republic, Kohl's , Old Navy and American Eagle tag still  attached.

My  budget is tight but the things we find there are amazing.  The people who work there are wonderful, helpful and friendly. It's my favorite department store! The thing I love the most is when you  check out, they say "Thanks for changing a life". I dropped off a huge bag of clothes to donate and they seemed thrilled to receive them. I was thrilled to get  them out of my garage. Their proceeds go to help people get back on  their feet and even have a career center to help peeps find work

We left the donation door and went into the "Emporium" to shop for college clothes. Zach was in  desperate need of work jeans as well so I got him three pair for $3.99 each. One pair had the colored tag of the day, which means half price and even picked up a pair of Levis with the $39.00 price tag still on them from Kohl's for eight bucks.

All in all we got four pair of new jeans, four dresses, four  pair of shorts and four shirts for sixty bucks. Considering the jeans were marked for almost forty bucks from Kohl's we did pretty  good.

That's one thing I love about Massey, she doesn't turn her nose up at shopping at Goodwill.

We came home and I jumped on my boyfriend Johnny Dear to cut my elderly neighbor's yards for him. We didn't tell Zach where the jeans came from and he actually seemed satisfied with them when I got through cutting grass and he was getting ready for work. He had on his new jeans and once again thought to myself, "Life is good".

My sister regularly brings us clothes from the thrift shop where she volunteers and are all great quality items.

I don't think I have been in a Macy's or even a mall in over twenty years. If I did go it would just to see the Christmas decorations.

I don't mind one bit the life we are living. It almost makes me feel like I am living life right for the very first time.

My dryer broke over four weeks ago and once a week  go to the laundry mat to dry all the clothes at  the same time. I have met fascinating people there, learned their stories, made new friends and picked up a lot more Spanish than I did in school. In between runs to  the laundry mat I just hang my clothes on hangers in the garage.

Here's my thing... it's the small things  that make your life huge.

When we are in desperate need, it somehow happens. When we have something to offer, be it cutting a neighbor's yard or driving someone somewhere, we do it. When you  take care of other people, other people take care of  you.

I'm a doofus, I'm a goofball and yes I fumble my way through life but if you don't keep trying,  I think that's called giving up. I'll never give up until I give out completely.

Don't feel sorry  for me, that's not my intention with this post. My point's that life is what you make it. Follow your dream no matter how many side roads you have to take or how much pride you may have to swallow. Be a good person and good things will happen to you.

From the time we spiraled and became broke almost four years ago I have finally realized the true meaning of life..."You get what you give ".

I simply wasn't giving enough.

Til next  time... A contented COTTON.

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