Saturday, June 8, 2013

On the Mend...Finally

I hung in there for four days trying to mentally will myself well. Seems I don't have magical powers after all. I worked in the yards all day Monday and had a terrible headache all day . I thought it must just be the heat. On top of that our A/C unit fan locked up so it wasn't much cooler in the house. Actually it was 86 degrees on the first floor so can only imagine what the top two floors were scorching around. I chose to crash in  the living room on the couch under our huge ceiling fan with all the windows open and sweated myself to sleep. I woke up Tuesday morning for work and it was a balmy 78 degrees downstairs. My cousin's sweet hubby had  called and said he wanted to come over and check out our unit and I didn't decline his offer. He shoots up our  unit every summer with freon and did just that a couple of weeks ago. I headed into work and it finally felt okay walking into the furniture store which doesn't have A/C either. I felt good til about noon and suddenly had all kinda cold chills and felt achy. For a fifty three year old, hot flashing woman to have cold chills in a building with no air while loading up and moving couches and beds is a sure sign something's dead wrong. My snot locker was draining down my throat, my ears were hurting and my body was killing me. Every time someone came in and looked interested in a piece of furniture, I plopped down on it to tell them about it. By four I was in agony and called Massey to bring a couple of her 800MG Ibuprofen she had left from when she went to the Doc N The Box last week.

We hit a lull at the store and she sat by  the window while I crashed on a sofa to let them kick in. Twenty minutes later she said "Momma, here comes somebody". I felt a bit better and by  the time I closed at  eight my aches were were only  twangs. Since I am the only person  working Tuesday through Thursday, we loaded up two of the industrial size fans we use at work to circulate air and took them home with us. They worked great and Wednesday morning the house was at 70 degrees when I got up. Massey took me work and hauled the fans back in for me. I felt okay as long as I was pumped with the ibuprofen but found myself watching the clock like a junkie waiting for their next  fix until it was time to pop two more. My cousin's hub came over and informed us we needed a new fan for our unit and that's all it seemed to be. That was a relief to me as I sweated myself to sleep again on the sofa, hoping for a hot flash to cool me down.

Thursday was busy at the store (Murphy's Law) and it almost "kilt" me as we say in the south. I had to help load a sectional, a full size bed , a sofa table and a  full size mattress and box springs. Some peeps were working my nerves coming in on their cell phones and not even acknowledging me when I threw up my hand and welcomed them with albeit fake friendliness. They would ignore me and continue walking. I'd give them a minute or two then would say "Can I help you with anything?" Once they would hold their hand up like I was bothering them, simply crashed onto my stool and waited for them to end their obviously extremely urgent phone call. People can be so rude when they are on their cell and to be honest, I felt so horrible it was a real effort to not tell them I had a 102 fever and felt like choking them out.  When Massey picked me up from work I went straight home and immediately resumed my position on the couch in a tank top and undies.

 Friday I was off and stayed on the couch til it got too hot. (around three PM) Massey said I needed to go to the Doc, which I did but hated wasting forty bucks on myself. We went by  the restaurant to pick up my paycheck which is usually only fifteen or sixteen dollars but was floored when the check was for over eighty bucks. I told Massey I would wait til Saturday and if wasn't better by then would go by the doc before going into the store on Saturday. We swung by  the Doc to see what time he opened on Saturday. They had a note taped to the door saying they would be closed Saturday and reopen on Monday. I asked Massey for a pen to jot down the hours and make a shopping list when she said she didn't have one. I said "What person doesn't have a pen in their car"? to which she replied "This one". I told her to pull over and drop me off at the door and went inside to check in while she parked. The way I felt, I'd be going to the emergency  room or morgue before Monday.

I signed in and the woman behind the desk asked for my forty dollars. When I went to sign my debit card receipt, noticed a cup of pens with their logo on them and asked if I could take one? She said "Sure" and when Massey walked through the door after parking her car, turned and said to her "I got you  pens for your car, they're having a sale...two pens for forty bucks"!

I just felt better being there, doing what I should have done on Tuesday. The Doc N The Box wasn't busy so the woman took me straight back to a room. She took my vitals, told me my blood pressure was a bit elevated which I responded "I wait on the public for a living." She smiled and asked how much I weighed and when I said a hundred pounds she said "I bet you do."

The doc came in , took a look at me, wrote four prescriptions, phoned them into Kroger and told me not to wait so long next time I got sick.

I knew from experience the scripts wouldn't be ready in the hour he had promised so we swung back by the house to take care of the pups and give them fresh water.

Massey took me back to Kroger a hour and a half later. If my blood pressure was elevated at the doctor's it was boiling by  the time we got into Kroger. The SUV in front of us spied a suddenly open space but was past it. He jammed his car into reverse and tried to pull in forward. He had traffic so backed up he couldn't pull in forward so he decided to try and back into the seemingly only (NOT) vacant spot in the lot. It took him three tries and on his third try when his wife looked at me through the passenger window I flung up my arms in an obviously "WTH" gesture. My nerves were shot, I was sick and tired and simply wanted to go home and melt on my couch again.

We bought our groceries and swung back by  the pharmacy. The pharmacist was typing on his cell phone and the girl told me it would be a bit longer..."DUH" !!!

I told Massey to go load the groceries and would call her to pick me up by the door. Ten minutes later the young girl said my prescriptions were ready and I stepped up to the counter. She asked if I had insurance and told her no, but my Doc N the Box calls in $2 generics so I wasn't worried. She started ringing me up and paused, saying that one of them could only be picked up by someone over eighteen and believe it or not asked me if I was over eighteen? I wanted to jump the counter and throttle her but replied, "No, I'm not eighteen I am fifty three". Then she asked for my driver's license. She put on her glasses and began typing the info off my license. Hunt and peck she went, typing slower than slime. She had to record ALL the info off my license and after almost five minutes I said as sweetly as I could. "Baby, why don't you turn around and simply put my license in that printer behind you and just make a copy of it"?

She said  she would just have to enter it all into the computer anyway when I reached my final breaking point. I told her I wasn't going home to make crack or cook meth out of it but was sick as a dog and by the time she got through typing could be at home finally getting better.

Massey commented on the way home  she had never seen this side of me and  told her, I hope she never has to again.

I felt better today, not much but certainly not worse. I struggled through a shift at  the furniture store, took off a hour early and came home for thirty minutes before heading into the restaurant. I was sweaty and worn out but went in anyway. Thank the Lord it was slow, they cut me first and was out by  eight.

I know I will feel better tomorrow, it always takes a day or two before you  begin to rebound, especially when you are a doofus like me and wait too long to go see the Doc N the Box.

Lesson learned. Working again in the morning and look forward to waking up and feeling human again.

Til next  time....COTTON

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