Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dog Sitting...Day One

Dropped Massey off at the high school before 5AM this morning for her trip to World Championships in Dayton. Came back home and got a couple more hours of sleep and headed into work for the day shift. I am dog sitting for Massey's best friend on Guard. Her entire family went to Dayton and I am dog sitting for them while they are gone. This family has been wonderful to Massey so it's the absolute least I can do. I went by their house last night to pick up the key after I got off work. They have two small dogs (all dogs are small compared to my three galoots.) I forgot they had cats too. I am not a big cat person...I don't hate them but have never owned one. It bugs me how they seem to suddenly HAVE to be in another room in a split second. What do they know that I don't? And what about those razor sharp talons they have...they could kill you with those if they wanted to! They can hide in so many different never even know they are there until they decide they have to suddenly scamper into another room for no apparent reason. The family took care of the dogs before they left this morning so I went by after my lunch shift to let them out. Their dogs are crate trained (wish mine were) and were in their little homes when I went in the front door. They were barking so ferociously I was almost scared to put my hand on the cage to open it. No worries...they were just happy to be let out. They scampered all over the house looking for their owners. It made me feel sorry for them. Once they determined they had been abandoned they turned to chasing the cats around. I stopped counting cats when I got to six. I hooked up the leash and took the dogs out back. They immediately did their "Do" and wandered around for five or ten minutes. When I went by last night for my instructions...I noticed the cats had a big automatic food bowl that dumped food in as needed. I gotta get my kids one of those! I made sure all the toilet lids were up in case the cats got thirsty and locked the dogs back in their houses. I sent the Mom a text and said "Dog Duty Day One...How many cats does one family need?" She replied back "I keep asking that myself. Me and the cats just don't get along and the girls take in any strays within a 50 mile radius." I sent her back a text: "There are six cats living by the dumpster at work. Want me to take them over to your house?" Quick reply "That would be a negative." You know me..I sent one right back "Would you really even notice six more?" Another quick response..."I think I would." Another zinger from me..."We'll see!" Quicker response "NOoooooooo" I was on fire now...sent back "Here, Kitty Kitty!" I locked up and left, still laughing at myself (I'm my biggest fan.) Went back to work for the dinner shift and got off around 9PM. I went back over to let the dogs out again and think I counted seven cats...including the mean one that stands guard outside their front door...I'd be mean too if they locked me out while an entire herd got to stay inside. While I was letting the dogs wander around out back I sent the Mom another text: "Just got off work. The six new cats get along great with the twelve you already had. I locked them all in your bedroom so they would have plenty of room to play." I didn't hear back from her so thought they must be on their way back to the airport to fly home and kill me! She finally sent me back a text saying " As long as they are on my husband's side of the bed, we're good." I am having a lot of fun with this "Dog Duty/ Cat Harassment gig." It takes my mind off the fact that I am not in Ohio with my girl. They perform for the first time tomorrow and with fingers crossed and prayers going up, wish them all the luck in the world! I think the day that everyone is due home I will swing by the family's house one last time and lock all the cats up in the dog cages and leave the dogs roaming round the place! "Dog Duty" update tomorrow! Til next time....COTTON

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