Friday, April 29, 2011

A ROYALLY Screwed Up Day

The big day was finally here!
I have worked double shifts the last three days and was halfway through today's double when I clocked out at 2:30 for a two hour break. I went and checked Massey out a half hour early so we could go home and watch the "Wedding" we had taped on the DVR on my break.
We got home and Zach and two of his flunkies were out in the garage in their "Man/Boy Cave."
Massey and I retreated to my bedroom and hit the "Play" button. I zonked out five minutes in and Massey nudged me awake for the good parts. We (Massey) witnessed the ceremony and then my cell phone rang...It was Zach. I figured he wanted to know if I would fix him something to eat.

Instead he said "I just hit somebody." I immediately thought to myself that I hadn't heard a fight break out in the garage and asked "Hit who?" He said he had just rear ended someone. I asked who's car he was driving and he said mine. I said "Who said you could take my car ANYWHERE?" He said his buddy needed a ride to work and he knew it would only take fifteen minutes so he borrowed my car. He said the good news was that he was following one of his buddies and that was who he hit. I told him to bring the car home NOW and hung up. He called back and said (in that voice that breaks a Mom's heart even when she's pissed) "I am totally freaked out...the car isn't drive able and traffic is backed up behind us...I need you to come."

Well..That just royally shot my break to hell!

Got to the scene and traffic was backed up like the downtown connector on the "Grady Curve." For non Atlantan's, it is a place approaching downtown Atlanta that comes to a stand still every day from four to five o'clock. My car was angled a foot off the road and hanging on the edge of what I have always previously wondered is a "Soft Shoulder?"

Five o'clock at one of the busiest intersections in our county...and here I sat on what I know now is an "EXTREMELY" soft shoulder. The cops pulled in behind me and asked if anyone was hurt. My reply..."Not Yet."

I am trying to stay calm...not working. I try to remember no one was hurt...kinda working.

Zach was finally seeing the last year of his life in the blink of an eye..."A WRECK." I didn't admonish, I didn't bitch at him. I simply said "I have told you time and time again, the ONLY thing I have is my car. It is paid for, it is reliable and not only gets you and Massey back and forth to school but gets me to and from work and your Dad to and from work. You aren't hurt, Thank God no one else is injured. The only ones that will be hurt by this are me and your Dad."

The State Trooper asked what tow company I wanted to call and I almost said "One that takes four month post dated checks." I called my brother in law who has pulled home cars for all of our boys (mine and my sister's) who have also sat on soft shoulders waiting for "Prince Towing."

The trooper balked at first but after me putting my PHD in BS to use again told him I was so broke I couldn't pay attention much less a tow company . He agreed to let my brother in law come pull my now sad vehicle back to my now sadder house. I had to leave to go back to work. I was a complete wreck (pun intended) by this point and sweating like Mel Gibson at a Bat Mitzvah.

I went back to work knowing at least everyone was okay and knowing that now the ONE thing I had free and clear...the ONE thing no one was trying to take was now a piece of crap that was being hauled back home to die.

Filing a claim tomorrow. Hoping for the best but as my luck has proven before...bearing for the worst.

Zach could have been killed. He could have killed someone else. At the very least we are looking at deductibles. That beats picking out a cremation urn.

I am not sure if my teen is trying to kill me or wanting to make me feel like killing him. I think it is fair to say we BOTH feel like crap. I cannot keep coming to his defense, keep bailing him out, keep making excuses and keep making it right.

I guess it's time for him to get married!

Til next time..."Grateful he is still alive so I can strangle him to death" COTTON"

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