Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Good Time Was Had By All

Massey and I went to celebrate with Cpl. Todd Love at his welcome home/ 21st birthday party. She got her "I partied with an American hero" shirt and even had her picture taken with him. Who would ever imagine that her daughter's first crush would be a triple amputee?

He was so gracious. He was so overwhelmed with people scrambling to talk with him or just shake his hand, but touched my girl's heart by actually talking with her, asking her what her name was and smiling for the camera. It was a moment that Massey will never forget and a moment I was lucky enough to witness.

This kid, this young man, this Hero is totally amazing. His attitude should set the tone for every person who thinks they have gotten a bum rap.

I went to elementary and high school with Todd's step dad. I have become friends with Todd's mom via high school reunions and facebook. I have followed his journey since that fateful day his mom got a call..."Your son has been hit by an IED and lost both legs and one arm."

And I thought I had problems.

In fact, I am living a fairy tale dream compared to this kid's circumstances. This kid is resilient, this kid is a fighter, this kid has great support from family, friends and God. This kid is a TRUE American hero and today I was privileged enough to attend his homecoming and witness what a person can do with their life when life seems to throw them a curve.

I will never whine or complain again. I will never think "Woe is me."

There were people I went to high school with there and hundreds of people I have never met .

Massey and I were standing out on the back deck when one of Todd's friends came out to wheel him away, telling the ole codger Todd was speaking to "He has to go now, I have the first dance with him."

He wheeled him back into the hall and while the music played he picked Todd up and held him in his arms and spun him around the floor. Then he passed him to another buddy, and then he was passed to another. It was touching. It was emotional and it was inspiring.

I hated to approach him, I don't even know him personally but knelt by his wheelchair and asked if I could take a picture of him with my daughter. He hugged my neck as I told him how proud I was of him and how grateful I was for his service and inspired by his positive outlook .

He asked Massey what her name was and gave me a smile that speaks volumes about his character. He is a good man, has been handed a huge load and has responded with "What else ya got?"

So what my son wrecked my car, it is a car for Pete's sake! This kid has shown me what determination and LOVE can do (pun intended.)

He is quite handsome and well spoken and made my daughter's day. In fact, he made MY day too!

Happy birthday to Cpl. Todd Love, I don't think I have ever attended a greater party and learned so much about making the best of a bad situation.

You (Todd) inspire me and you inspired my daughter. You inspire many and will go further in life than the millions that have all their limbs but don't realize the fact that they are lucky to even have them. It was a good day!

I feel lucky to have been invited. I feel lucky that I spoke to a Hero. I feel lucky to be a person Todd gave his appendages for.

It was a great day. It was a not so gentle reminder that my life is amazing. My life is a cake walk.

Just glad to see Todd have his cake as well and see the huge outpouring of "Love."

Til next time, wearing my "Wounded Warriors" bracelet and reminded once again that I am one lucky person...COTTON

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Kerry said...

amazing!!! we are truly blessed that young men and women like Todd give so much for us!!!Thanks for sharing!!! love ya lady!!!