Friday, June 23, 2017

Learning To Love Life Again

I'll have to say living thirty minutes away from Cocoa Beach, has made it easier than harder to adjust to my new life.

Having Massey here with me has made it even easier. There's nothing more rewarding to a momma than to have your twenty one year old daughter consider you to be one of her best friends...yes I am blessed.
Ole Ziggy wasn't too sure what to think about all those dogs on the dog beach but found out quickly why they weren't all drinking from God's gigantic water bowl.

The beach has been my happy place for as long as I can remember...

and now fortunately can go whenever I have two hours to spare.

Fortunate is the key to my life.

Webster's defines 'Fortunate' : "Bringing something good and unforeseen; auspicious. Having unexpected good fortune; lucky."

Auspicious is "Attended by favorable circumstances; propitious."

Propitious is "Kindly; gracious."

I am kindly gracious for the favorable circumstances which led me to this life in Orlando.

Sure beats being broke, but also fortunate things worked in our favor.

What we temporarily lacked financially was always taken care of by people who loved us and even sometimes by strangers. When strangers help you out, you know you're living life right.

I try.

If you don't try, why should others?

I've made a few friends here. A few good friends here are more than enough to make me happy.

I have more than plenty of friends (and then some) back home in Georgia, across the country and even across the Pond.

There isn't a single one of them I couldn't call at any time of any given day.

Once I got back to work here in Orlando, it was better...but not really.

It takes me quite a while to feel comfortable as a new server in a new job; mainly because is the only area of my life which I am an absolute stickler about; insisting on my own ultimate perfectionism, which know am capable of.

 I'm an old dog, it takes me a while to learn new tricks.

My theory about my chosen profession has always been:

If you're not making enough money, you're not that good of a server.


So I'm finally making pretty good money again and even have people come in and ask for me.

I woke up this morning and saw on the news that there was a rocket launch from Cocoa Beach at 2:20 PM. My bestie had homework but assured me it was okay if I went without her.

Not my video. It was so stinking bright at the beach I couldn't even see what I was filming, which ended up being my fingers and certainly didn't catch the booster landing.

It was hotter than hell but got to sit on the beach for an hour, reading before the rocket launched.

I came home, cooked dinner and packed a bag.

Day three of my staycation, will head out at six AM for Georgia. My Lost Boy needs me and I need to be there for him.

He's in between jobs but has the opportunity of a lifetime in a few short weeks. He'll be the Sous Chef in a restaurant opening mid July in Newnan, Georgia.

He's struggling, just like both his parents did for a while but fortunately has a momma who can drive seven hours and be with him for thirty six.

I'll buy the kid some groceries, spending the day tooling around with him. Plan on going to Pine Mountain with him and then both spend the night at my sister's house in Senoia.

He's never asked for anything but wish I could give him everything. I'm thinking a big fat hug is needed and more than happy to drive seven hours and give him one.

I'm not sure who needs the hug more...

Til next time...COTTON

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