Thursday, June 8, 2017

Getting Our Groove Back

I've been worried about Massey suddenly being stuck here with us in Orlando. No friends, no job, going to school from Georgia online and with no way of having any social interaction or ability to make new friends.

And just like happened.

My brother got her a part time job where he works, with the go ahead from his boss. She works Friday through Monday and basically works the same hours as I do... six until one AM. So she's getting out of the house, meeting people and bonus points making money.

We got lucky with next door neighbors (on one side anyway) as well. A precious young couple, both in their twenties and crazy like us...they also have three dogs.

Ziggy has a crush on their  pup, Lilly. When they let Lilly out back, Ziggy can't get close enough to the fence dividing the two yards. She sticks her nose under the fence and Ziggy races to respond with his own stubby Boxer nose. Lilly got a little aggressive on her side of the fence, constantly digging to get to her boyfriend so they added lattice at the bottom of the fence, after I had added bags and bags of gravel rocks as the first deterrent.

Funniest thing ever...when they were adding the lattice work one day, I was sitting out back reading with just Ziggy in the yard. When he heard them working on the fence, went over...sniffed around, then hiked his leg and tinkled on the fence (right between two slats) at the exact spot where they were. I heard our neighbor (Ashley) say in a sweet voice, from the other side of the fence, "Well that wasn't very nice" as Ziggy peed on them from our side.

I think that's the moment I knew they were excellent neighbors.

So Massey was all pumped when she saw Ashley (our neighbor) added her as a friend on FB. I was pumped too.

My girl has a new friend in OTown!

They made a date and went to lunch together yesterday.

I got home from work tonight and was surprised to see Ashley sitting in our tiny living room chatting it up with Massey. Seems my girl made two new friends. Ashley's boyfriend had visited tonight as well while I was working.

They both share our own views on life. Labels are ridiculous. There are only two types of human beings.

You are either a good human being or a bad human being.

Case closed.

Making my night even sweeter...  my son Zach (my Lost Boy) actually called from Georgia tonight for no apparent reason other than to say hello.

Moving away from my home...our home was a huge leap of faith for me. After spending over fifty six years in the Atlanta area was a huge change for me and wasn't too thrilled about it.

After seeing Massey make a good friend and my Lost Boy calling just to say hello, know everything will be okay now.

Move ahead I will. And so will my kids.

TJ's in Charlotte now, moving ahead for his own family. Massey's here with us but moving on as well. Zach's back home but moving on too.

Cotton, party of five...your table of Life awaits you.

Welcome to the party.

You have to...and must, take the good with the bad. You need to have drive, you need to have a vision and most importantly...not be frightened by the fight for your life and what that may take to make the  vision  happen.

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