Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Crazy Valentine

I've been working like a demon for the past couple of weeks. They frown on overtime but I have gotten it the past four weeks. They may frown on overtime but frown more on being short staffed so have taken advantage of that and benefited nicely from it.

I've had one day off in the last twelve and completely lost track of what day it even is anymore. I woke up this morning around nine after going to bed after three. Massey came into my bedroom around ten to get something out of my closet and commented to her  thought she'd already be gone (thinking was Monday and she had school early) but said she was just about to leave. She was really leaving for her noon shift at work.

My (sometimes) really sweet son brought my morning ritual of huge glass of Nestle Quik and medium size glass of OJ to me in bed as I turned on the TV to watch some news before getting in the shower for my Monday mid shift which starts at one thirty. I was kinda confused when I saw George Stephanopoulos talking  and really surprised when  turned the channel and found out they had changed the Walking Dead premiere to Monday too.

It dawned on me around noon when Zach (being extra sweet) made coffee and brought me a huge cup that it was really Sunday. On one hand was great news... could remain in my comfy bed because  didn't need to be at the airport until three . On the other hand meant I still had a Monday shift to go until my day off on Tuesday.

I'm usually off on Sundays but so many servers requested Valentine's Day off  had scheduled me (without a Valentine close by) to work.

I stopped by Jersey Mike's on the way to work and bought a ridiculously long turkey sub to take and share with my co workers. I'm not a big fan of sub shops unless it's a Johnny's Special (where I worked for fourteen years) but let me tell you, order a turkey with provolone, a little mayo, shredded lettuce, onion, lots of pepper and a bit of sea salt and's one of the best things you'll ever scarf down in a hurry while in the back of a kitchen at work. I cut it into about eight smaller subs to be a grab and go item we could swallow before rounding the door back out to the dining room.

If there's one thing my co workers love about me is my lunch box I bring in every shift. Sometimes I bring saltine crackers with a little container of crunchy peanut butter and make little sammiches to grab and go. Goldfish crackers are another hit (we love us some seafood)  and usually always bring the instant energy factor...candy. Three Musketeers  are my personal fave but get a mix bag of fun size treats and's better energy than a double espresso, which I've also needed lately.

Of course I had my bag of red and pink Hersey Kisses to give each customer with their checks and is still working like a charm on travelers. I place the bill down on the table, tell them "Here's a goodbye kiss from me and thanks for dining with me" as I give each person a Hersey Kiss. The very few who leave them on the table uneaten are immediately snagged up by the server assistants who clean and reset my tables.

It's a win/win for me.

Ironically enough the restaurant where I work is Ecco, although spelled differently with a different meaning.

The word Ecco actually translates as "Here" and  am quite anxious about leaving "Here."

I was talking with the executive chef (who I love and tremendously respect) tonight while at work, standing at the expo window. Told him although I was thrilled for Tim's new job, was terrified of leaving mine.

I'm not just leaving a job but leaving the job of a lifetime. It's not just the money which in itself is phenomenal for a fifty five year old waitress to make, but leaving a company with values and beliefs dear to my own and quite simply fell under their spell and have grown tremendously as a server under their wings.

Case in point. We were voted the number one airport bar in the entire world last year by Fox news. How am I going to find another job like this at the age of fifty six?

Chef made me feel better by saying they would all write letters of recommendation for me and  Fifth Group (our parent company) is widely known as being first class restaurateurs.

I've decided will simply make the most of my last six months or so at my job which I love so dearly, then take yet another leap of faith and hope.

I'll have to say am scared of being broke like we were five years ago. It was a fast tumble down and an even more arduous task to come back from. My brother and sister have done more for me  than any two sibs ever have and had so many people and friends coming to our rescue that although may seem embarrassing to most was sincerely and honestly appreciated by every member of my family.

In 1990, Tim and I made promises and took vows to each other. It has taken almost thirty years to get back to where we started but both weathered the storm. Last year he moved over a thousand miles away just to keep us together.

I can certainly move four hundred for him.

Dang, we had well over twenty years of fantastic luck and success but those five bad years were like a knife that cut us apart.

Life's a dance which can be and sometimes often is tough, so wear a helmet. But always always dance with the one who you wanted to go to the dance with in the first place.

I'll see you in September, Tim.

Til next time...COTTON


Aodhnait said...

I'm travelling though Atlanta soon to Key West. I will look out for you!

kelly cotton said...

I'll be easy to spot. I'm the old skinny lady! Look forward to meeting you, and thanks for reading!