Monday, February 1, 2016

A Happy Kind Of Nervous

And that strength has gotten us through.

Tim moved to Lubbock, Texas over a year ago for a better job with  chance of a promotion and transfer if successful in turning around his region.

He got to come home twice, once for my birthday in late July and again at Christmas for three days.

Tomorrow he is being transferred to Orlando , a seven hour drive away from us and where will be all moving in just a few short months.

We learned  long ago not to count the chickens before they hatch but is a done deal.

He will be staying with my brother (who also lives in Orlando) for a while to look for a place for us all to live. Bonus points, our oldest son recently moved to Orlando as well with his new family.

 Us Clampetts are loading up the truck and moving to "Betterly"!!

We've struggled since 2007 and only survived with  help and love from many. Our feet are almost firmly on the ground and house will be paid off in a little over six months. We've decided to rent it out for some monthly income and buy another house, downsizing a bit in Orlando. All we really need is a big fenced in back yard for our  three pups.

Naturally (I worry a lot) am freaked out about leaving my current job. I've been a professional server since 1980 but finally hit the jackpot working for Fifth Group Restaurants. I have worked hard at honing skills and learning my craft, to be rewarded beyond my wildest dreams these past two years. I bought and paid for three much needed vehicles this past year, replaced the fence in our huge back yard, replaced the long broken garage door all while paying everything but our mortgage and insurance and am current on all bills.

Tim wanted me to move and join him in Orlando by June.

I simply can't.

Well I could, but feel it would be a grievous mistake.

I told him to look at all we'd accomplished this past year with us both having great jobs albeit a thousand miles apart. Not to mention the busy season is right around the corner in the international terminal where I work and bonus points summer olympics are this year! They may be held in Brazil, but no matter where you're flying to internationally, nine times out of ten are routed through Atlanta. I can make even more money than I did last year and don't have to buy three cars or replace a fence or a garage door...and all bills are current.

All the extra money I spent last year can be put directly into our savings and go out rolling Phat when the busy season ends this Autumn.

With a little hesitation, Tim agreed.

So I left for work this morning after once again spending about twenty four hours with my husband. The last thing I said to him before kissing him and telling him I loved him was to please unload the dishwasher. (I keep it real)  He was in the kitchen cooking hamburgers when I left. Massey got home from school around four and took her dad to the airport for his flight at six.

Worked from one thirty until ten and on my way home thought how sad it was he would be gone when I got home.

 I walked into the kitchen from our garage.

The griddle was still on the stove, full of cold grease from the hamburgers he'd cooked. The fry daddy was still on the counter where he cooked french fries. The trash can was overflowing, dishwasher still unloaded and just as I had imagined, Tim was gone again.

It's a good thing I love him and even better thing he was gone when I got home.

We (maybe I) have a love hate relationship.

That we've survived this far is a miracle in itself and actually thought about wrapping up the griddle full of cold grease (which Zach gave him for Christmas) and mailing it to him in Orlando.

Or maybe it's a miracle he's still married to me!

Til next time...COTTON

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