Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where Do I Start?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Thanks to mother nature and storms all up the east coast, flights were cancelled right and left and this girl got off three hours early. Huge bonus, got paid today so didn't mind leaving one bit.

I worked a ten hour shift yesterday and came home last night to find every carpet in our house clean and smelling dog free thanks to Zach, Massey and the Lost Boys. Zach rented a machine and cleaned carpets for over five hours with help from his cohorts.

Having your kids do something unexpected is a blessing and a curse.

I opened the kitchen door and ran straight into the table from the dining room sitting in the middle of my tiny kitchen surrounded by lots of other furniture moved in there so all the carpets could be cleaned.

I wedged my way into the kitchen with my three bags of groceries to cook dinner and put them all away. You couldn't even walk in the kitchen much less cook.

I went upstairs to my clean smelling living room to find it also in shambles. All the furniture was pushed to one side, electronics unhooked and moved and things stacked everywhere.

Like I said, it's a blessing and a curse.

Zach was exhausted on the couch in the living room and felt bad when I mentioned the house was a wreck. It was a clean smelling wreck, but it was still a wreck. I had to get him to reconnect the cable, stereo and computer but put everything else back myself.

Dinner was ready a little after ten o'clock. By that time no one was home but me but knew it would all be eaten the next day. I put everything in Tupperware, made myself a plate and went to bed.

Today was even better. One of the Lost Boys and Massey went to a discount store here in town and got enough laminate to do two rooms in my house for a hundred bucks.  Installation free via Lost Boys who love their pseudo momma.

These three boys may act like idiots and often seem to be just that, but have (almost) helped me more often than I have them.

I have a "love/hate but  final say relationship" with all of them and think is the reason they all respect and love me...and respect them for respecting me!

These past few years have yet once again proven Dr. Seuss to be a pretty stinking smart man.

Six months ago we were still sweating twenty four seven, week after week after week.

I woke up early this morning after going to bed reasonably early last night. Somehow it feels better to wake up feeling energetic and still semi broke than to wake up late scrambling around feeling panicked and even more of a loser because  your slack self hit snooze twice on the alarm and skipped a shower because you stayed up late to blog or watch a movie.

I usually always help my sister cook but this year had NO time off and am fortunate enough to be able to pay her off with cash and be lucky enough to simply sit down and enjoy a fabulous meal.

I'll never forget how much my brother and sister have helped us and only makes me love them more for loving me.

Unless I hit the lottery will never be able to totally repay them which makes me love them even more for still loving me.

My mind has been boggled with problems for so long sometimes forget to remember who "brung me to the dance."

It was life.

Thanks to literally dozens of peeps besides my own sibs are surviving and thriving.

I love Thanksgiving.

You meet and eat. No presents no fanfare no holiday songs...just peeps feeling grateful and getting a belly full.

Sometimes I feel down but then look around at others so less fortunate.

We are so blessed I should feel ashamed.

Instead feel gratitude bursting, am charging forward and determined to pay it even further.

You all got it coming and thank you so much for sending it our way first!

Eat some turkey, hug a relative or friend and relax. We can all live without the other frills, seasons and holidays but you can't live without eating.

That's a pretty big bite to chew on...

Til next time...COTTON

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