Sunday, March 9, 2014

That's More Like It

Had a meeting at work early this morning. At least it wasn't too awful cold when I left at 9:15. When I came out at 10:30 , Spring had sprung. Absolutely amazing day!

Went home and my daughter and oldest son took a little drive over to the town of Griffin about twenty miles away. There's a mill store called The Sock Shoppe I go to about twice a year. It's been open since 1936. My own mother shopped there when I was just a kid. Back then they only sold towels, wash cloths, socks and underwear at whole sale prices. Today they sell everything under the sun. I was down to one bra without rips and holes and the lost boys needed some boxers and socks. Tim needed some tee shirts so we made the trek. It's well worth the drive. Name brand at almost half price. Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Maidenform, Cannon, you name it. Everybody got a new supply of underwear, socks and tee shirts and I got several pair of new tights for work. Bought Massey a new hoodie and some work out shorts. You save a ton of money there. The large oversized Cannon bath towels sell for $3.99. A bundle of ten wash cloths will set you back $2.99.

Unfortunately I'm on a tight budget but if you got it to spend could go crazy there. They now sell jeans, sweaters, name brand shoes and sandals, jewelry, Izod apparel and about every other brand you can think of.

I always head for the "Irregular" racks (even cheaper) especially where underwear is concerned. As long as they have a waist opening and two leg holes,  I'm good. It's not like someone is going to know you are wearing undies with a slight defect unless you are taking your clothes off in front of them and they happen to be an underwear expert, fanatic or freak.

The total bill was $120.00 but  would have cost me over $200.00 retail. That's a pretty good savings for a years supply for a family of five. My oldest, TJ surprised me by kicking in fifty bucks when I went to give the cashier my debit card. It made my heart sing.

I decided to take them both to lunch...still in the little town of Griffin. There's a great drive-in with the best slaw dogs and hamburgers right down the street that one of my high school friends turned me onto.
 I've been in the restaurant industry since 1979. This place knows customer service. It's just a burger joint but everyone is family there. The woman in front of me paid for her food and the cashier said "I love y'all" to which the woman responded, "We love you more!"  Everything is sincere, the food, atmosphere and the service. No wonder they are successful.

Came home and got ready for work. The day could not have been more spectacular. Sun shining bright and a balmy seventy degrees.

Work beat me down. Busy as a bee hive. Didn't stop running for eight hours but came home well compensated and bone tired.

Losing an hour of sleep tonight but had such a good day will be well worth it. Spent time with my kiddos, one of them helping me out and me realizing how lucky I am to have kids who love me.

This was me in 1978. A girl without a clue.

This was in 1990 on our honeymoon at Lake Tahoe.

This was us before we had two more kids.

This is when I had Zach. Still looking pretty tight.

Then Massey was born early weighing in at barely four pounds. My tiny hand was bigger than her entire head.

Guess what? She survived and has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

 Now we are all growing old together.

These are the peeps who I really need to thank. My parents. This was in the early seventies and were still  in love. I wish they had been able to grow old together. At least they are together again now.

I'm getting old but I'm getting smarter. Lots of trial and error along the way but stronger for it.

For better or worse,  richer or poorer, in sickness or in health...til death do us part.

From these two folks, came all these folks...
We're crazy, eclectic but love each other...and "Love is all you need."

Til next time...Contented COTTON

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