Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slowly But Surely


 Number one, how do battered women hide their scars long enough for them to heal? And number two, boxing should be outlawed.

This is almost two weeks later AND with make up. I suppose it's a lot better than the first picture...
Although I looked beat up , my face was so swollen I looked at least ten pounds heavier (always look for the bright side) and that's a good thing.

The spins have finally pretty much gone away along with the dizzy feeling but find it hard to concentrate sometimes.

I was at work last night standing by the service bar. It was late and the owner was watching boxing on the big screen. Little Asian guy versus tall lanky Black dude. I would have bet on the tall guy thinking he had more reach. Third round and the little Asian hit him square in the jaw. The black dude hit the mat like I hit the kitchen floor. You could tell from his eyes he wasn't getting up anytime soon. (even the announcer said so)

It almost made me sick to think people do this for a living. My former brother in law started boxing when he was five and a Golden Gloves Champ by the age of seventeen. He died from Alzheimer's by the time he was in his early fifties. You can't tell me all those blows to his head helped.

I've been pretty lucky over the years. Ear infections, sinus infections, Strep throat...just the usual illnesses.

These past few years I've suffered from old waitress pain. Bad knees, bum shoulders and aching back. Nothing a hot bath or beer or two couldn't temporarily fix.

This knock to the noggin has thrown me for a loop. I used to come home from work and stay up til two in the morning putzing around the house or blogging. I'd wake up around nine and feel fine.

Since my head injury I can't wait to get home and simply go horizontal.

My brother in law laughed at me when I told him I had consulted a retired professional wrestler at work about my concussion. He comes in several times a week with his wife and is one of our regulars. I figured he knew as much about concussions as anybody...and seems he did.

He told me I'd be tired and sometimes confused, even after the dizzy spells started to subside for up to a month or more. He told me I may have migraines later on. So far his diagnosis has been Spot On.

Not looking forward to a migraine but at least feel like I'll live now.

It reminds me of when my daughter was about four and Santa brought her a medical kit for Christmas. She was all excited and wanted to use it so I volunteered as a patient. I lay on the couch as she crammed the plastic thermometer in my mouth and gave me a fake shot in the arm. She asked me how I felt to which I replied "Not so good Doctor. Will I live?"

She looked me straight in the eye as she took my pulse and solemnly said "Yes, you will live. You will live with your family."

I guess my daughter AND the former wrestler were right.

Patience isn't my forte but guess it needs to be for a while.

I actually cooked dinner tonight, something I haven't done since my fall.

As The Beatles sang, "It's getting better all the time."

Til next time...COTTON

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