Monday, March 28, 2016

Sometimes Nothing is the Best Thing

I can go like a 95lb dynamo for weeks on end then just as suddenly need a twenty four hour recharge.

Today was that day.

Last night was the first slow shift I've had at work in weeks. Well the first half was slow but the second half came back strong and once again made more money than I deserved but took and was grateful for it.

I stayed up way too late blogging while pushing laundry through. Then I collapsed into my bed knowing at least I had the next day off. As Bob Seeger sang "I woke up to the sound of thunder" while storming outside my window around eleven AM. Zach had to be at work by eight so he was long gone. I heard Massey rambling around downstairs so knew she was letting the dogs out, allowing me to remain horizontal a bit longer. Rain was forecast for the entire day and was fine by me.

Massey brought me up a glass of Nestle Quik and a glass of OJ along with my vitamin and left them all on my nightstand. I heard her go back downstairs and thought to myself what a great kid she is.

I'm extremely lucky to have a daughter who has never distanced herself from me. She's always been okay with being my bestie regardless of the fact that I can be quite a handful to be around. I tend to find humor in every situation no matter how bleak or grim and according to her think I'm funnier than I am.

I just let her think she's right about that but know  better. The only person I know funnier than me is my brother and if you've ever met him would quickly agree.

I watched the boob tube for two hours after I woke up then decided it twas time to join the living again.

Massey took me to lunch then we stopped by the grocery store on the way home to buy all the Easter candy left for half price.

We came home and went to our respective beds again. She did some homework then napped, I caught up on Scandal, HTGAWM and Blackish then snoozed a little more myself.

Zach left for work around seven this morning and had to work until close so us girls just chilled with the three pups and had a grand ole time doing absolutely nothing.

Sometimes nothing is the best thing ever and just what your body needs.

I did get a small spurt of energy and vacuumed the downstairs around ten o'clock but besides that remained horizontal the rest of the time. Massey even pitched in and unloaded the dishwasher so at least we both did something productive!

...continued the next day...

I felt great when I woke up, felt at least ten years younger and bonus points: the downstairs was vacuumed and the dishwasher was empty. I decided to lolly gag an extra hour in bed after I heard Zach downstairs taking the dogs out to feed them. No reason to stop the boy from helping ole momma out without me asking. Zach can be a really sweet kid or he can be a pain in my keester. We are way too much alike and when we butt heads it's a battle like no other.

I came across a picture from years ago I had saved on my computer which describes the kind of kid he was exactly to a tee. He was probably around fuurteen and had gotten an identification card from the middle school for kids to have in case of an emergency. Number one, the picture speaks volumes but the way he filled out the back is all Zach.

Jeez, when he was fourteen only weighed five pounds less than his mother weighs now. I guess we're more alike than I thought!

I have so many funny and quirky things about Zach as a kid saved or put away than my other two kids combined. The kid's always been a hoot. I can hardly wait until he falls in love with the woman of his dreams and get to share all my collectibles with her on her first visit.

He was the sweetest little boy and always happy.

I could convince him to do anything and let me take a picture. "Hey Zach, put on your sister's dress up high heeled shoes and I'll take a'll be so funny!"


The above photo was from his executive phase. Notice where he clipped his clip on tie.

He's always been skinny but eats like he's in a contest.

Right before he turned into the rebel he still is today, his sister got a life size Barbie in a ballerina outfit for her birthday. I didn't even have to ask him to put it on.

Then his tweens started and someone swapped my photogenic do anything boy for a sullen fourteen year old who refused to smile...ever.

At least he's smirking a little in the above photo. My sister took him to DC for his birthday and asked the pilot (she worked for Delta) if Zach could sit in the cockpit for a picture. The pilot even offered Zach his hat to wear. I almost wish he'd been a barber instead of an airline captain.

Lucky for me Zach has either blocked all these photos from his memory or thinks I didn't keep them.

Oh he was a regular riot as a little kid, just ask my brother.

The above photo was from the year on vacation when my brother babysat Zach at the beach for me. He used a leg lock and fly swatter to keep Zach in line while I sunned on the beach with my sister.

I'll have to say out of all my kids, Zach has been the one who has always been most like me, when I was young or when I was fifty five.

My sister's friend couldn't believe the one below, when I was fifty four. Heck, the bone looked clean to me! This was taken at my sister's house and she's such a neat freak she probably washes her dog's bones anyway.

So I guess it's okay that I took goofy pictures of my kids when they were little as long as I still take goofy pictures of myself as a grown up.

I've lived an incredible life. Most of it was wonderful and some of it was terrible. The wonderful part was well worth the terrible part.

After all we've been through, good bad and ugly; we're all still here and even Zach has learned to smile again.

There are  billions of people in this world who haven't been lucky enough to live the life I have, even with the bad times we've been through. 

We are coming to the close of what seemed like a long a chapter in our lives and beginning another one. I can hardly wait to turn the page.

I'm finally on board with all the changes and looking forward to what it will bring. 

This wonderful family above has our back (always have) and we're moving to also be with the other part who luckily landed where we are headed.

I'm looking forward to being with our son, TJ and his new family which spiraled me into unexpected Grannyhood.

I'm looking forward to not having to work so hard and looking forward more to being able to finally stop and smell the roses of the wonderful joy which is "My Life".


Guess I'll be wearing granny panties from now on.

Nothing is better!

Til next time...COTTON

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