Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Awesome Day! (a girl could get used to this)

Cooked a big breakfast for me and the kids this morning, trust me it shocked them. I'm a night person through and through and it's usually them bringing me nestle Quik in bed.

The forecast was for bad weather tonight and since it's trash night, Massey emptied all the cans and wheeled the trash out to the curb after breakfast. It's nice spending time with them (especially when are getting along) and had a nice lazy morning together. I was getting ready for work when Massey came in with the mail. She came into my room upstairs and told me to close my eyes. I couldn't because I was putting on mascara, which also meant I had my mouth open. Ask any woman... it's impossible to have have your mouth closed when swiping on mascara. She told me the first of our packages had arrived. I found a really cool website last year which sells amazing clothes cheaper than a jug of Tide. Yes it's in China and yes a ten year old kid probably makes them but choose to consider it keeping them off the streets. Last year I saw a really cute swim suit for ten bucks but didn't come in a size smaller than medium so didn't order it.

This year it popped up again on my feed and had one in medium on sale for nine bucks so I ordered it. What the heck, if it was too big for me, Massey could have it. I guess China's medium is the new U.S. extra small. Massey excitedly said "Momma, this will totally fit you!"

And whadaya know? It did!

I may not have the large chest the woman in the photo did but the suit was padded like a crazy person's jail cell and fit like a charm. Massey had to lace up the corset for me (never owned a suit which requires assistance to be put on) but was quite pleased with what the little dudes had made me.

 I'm just too skinny for a bikini anymore, I look like an albino Ethopian so finally opted for a one piece.

Not bad for a chick well over half a century old.

Of course you know me, posted the pics immediately on FB saying had purchased my first old lady swim suit.

 I left for work an hour early because the monsoon was to blow in around three, my scheduled time in at work. It drizzled a bit the entire way but nothing like had been predicted.

I got off the escalator in front of the restaurant and one of our bartenders was standing at the host stand with one of my managers and another host. Pops (our senior bartender) is a really cute buff looking guy from Ghana who I have always liked a lot. He's smart, has a great personality, and one of my favorite peeps at work. His given name is Yaw but no one here in the south pronounces it correctly so when he first came to America with his family as a youngun (as we say in the south) was eating a bowl of Corn Pops one morning and decided "Pops" was a pretty cool name. So Pops he became.

He's always been extremely nice to me and is one of Massey's favorite peeps too, since she started working there. He's a class act, savvy guy who will go far in life and of that am certain. I just feel lucky I got to know and work with him before he moves on to his destiny of eminent greatness in his life.

I walked up to the host stand and Pops immediately shook his head and said "I can't believe you posted that picture of you in the bathing suit."

My reply:

"Dude, I rock that suit, especially for a fifty six year old woman."

He agreed, smiling which made me love him even more.

Ecco is an eclectic family, and  my family for a few more short months. Most of them am going to miss terribly.  A small few not so much... as it is with any family.

The ones I love, will continue to love and  keep in touch with forever. It's just the way I'm geared.

I was thrown into this place as a worried freaking out misfit, during the most tumultuous time in our life with the backing of a dear friend, Tia who I literally owe our rebound to. It allowed me to keep our family afloat while helping Tim move up and beyond, granted a thousand miles away.

I'm going to take all my fancy dancy high falutin "learnt" skills to Orlando and be able to relax for the first time in almost a decade.

All it's gonna require is five more months of  me working my butt off five days a week but think I can handle that.

I've found and learned my groove at Ecco and be forever grateful for having this opportunity to work for Fifth Group Restaurants.

If I was young enough to spit out another kid , would name it "Five".

We haven't had to worry about paying our bills on time in over a year, after worrying for six how the heck we'd make it until we found someone to loan us money to keep the lights on.

The lights are still on thanks to many and thanks to God.

Thanks Rocky Balboa!

Going to bed watching the weather just in case I need to put us all in the laundry room downstairs to survive again.

I can't say it enough. Fight or surrender, it's your choice.

Be a fighter!

It worked for me and can work for you.

Til next time...


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