Friday, January 22, 2016

Slap Crazy

With the threat of bad weather predicted, Massey and I left two hours early for work today. We left Newnan with the sun peeking through the clouds after several thunderstorms this morning and massive amounts of rainfall. It was almost fifty degrees. The closer we got to the airport, the worse it got. Steady rain and idiots surrounding us on the interstate driving with hazard lights on made for a harrowing drive.  You know the kind, where you sit hunched forward toward the steering wheel and never relax. We made it to the airport with well over an hour to spare so stopped by our favorite comfort food place, The BBQ Kitchen.

We loaded up on smoked beef brisket, mashed potatoes, fried okra and broccoli casserole.

Tooled into the International parking garage and found a spot on the first level, near the shuttle bus (always a good omen) and hot footed it aboard the bus in no time. The bad weather wasn't due for several more hours but walked into a packed restaurant and were both immediately asked to come on the floor to work.

From two o'clock until almost ten was a butt kicking I haven't had in quite some time. Flight delays  and cancelled flights drove everyone to the only five star restaurant in the entire airport to relax and simply wait. I've worked there almost two years and have never seen the restaurant so packed. Bet I said "excuse me, pardon me, coming through, sorry , may I get through please" about fifty times.

I almost lost it around seven o'clock. The place was packed, there was no place to stand much less sit and had ten tables going at once.

Here's the freaky thing about it. It all started  with a European woman who was quite demanding. Dang, I thought I was bossy! She ordered for her male companion as well, from the wine to the main course to the dessert. I finally had to say "I'm truly sorry but doing the best I can" when she had to wait for more wine. The bar was packed and three deep.

I used my rule of thumb...kill 'em with kindness. They (she) wanted more bread and was taking three other orders at the time. I asked Massey (the server assistant) to cut some bread for the rude woman at table 103 and be sure to smile. Massey also ran their entrees and the woman was very curt. Massey once again smiled.

When I presented the check (of course to  her) and apologized for any delays in  service, said I hoped they would visit us again next time through our city, saying everything was included and dropped two Hersey Kisses on the table. "Here's a goodbye kiss from Atlanta and thanks for coming in!"


On top of included gratuity she left me thirty extra bucks and even ate the chocolate kisses.

It happened again and again and again. I felt drunk with positivity power, or maybe just dizzy with all the circles I ran around the restaurant. I sold a hundred dollar bottle of wine to a couple (kept the cork to remind myself how lucky I am) and didn't slow down until thirty minutes before closing. I could finally breathe again!

When I walked by a table of two men trying to take a picture of themselves... BAM, did it again.

For some strange unexplained reason  had taken the selfie stick I got from my nephew and his wife for Christmas to work with me. I don't even know how to work it unless Massey shows me. It just kinda seemed like a day where we may get stuck at the airport so brought my phone charger and threw the selfie stick into my bag for fun.

They loved it, thanked me and took several pics (after Massey showed them how).

The minute they left, happy with their died just as quickly as it had erupted.

Guess what happened next?


Oh yeah!

We're a rocking bunch. We know how to be professionals at our job and are . We also know how to celebrate when all is said and done.

We are a family.

It's crazy working in the world's busiest airport but feels even more phenomenal to work at the world's number one airport bar.

Til next time...COTTON

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