Sunday, January 17, 2016

Karma Comes a Calling

Two thirty in the morning, waiting on my bed sheets to dry. After over five years of continuous struggle I see the light at the end of the tunnel and doesn't appear to be an oncoming train.

Much to my amazement and relief is the beam of sunlight we've been waiting for.

My only regret is  my tenure at Ecco will be coming to a close within this current year.

Having the opportunity to work for Fifth Group Restaurants has been the most amazing experience and eye opening observation for a professional server. As a server, you control your own destiny and feel after almost two years have learned the skills to knock it pretty much out of the park.

My husband's two year self volunteered exile in Texas for a better job opportunity is coming to a close and when transferred / promoted again will be joining him, wherever it may be.

I am extremely proud of the sacrifice Tim made moving a thousand miles away from home to provide for all of us here. I know it wasn't (and hasn't been) easy but did what he needed to do to save this house and our family.  Tim is such an opposite personality and person from me is a wonder we ever met at all and can only assume I shoved him in my direction was happy when he obliged.

We've been together since early 1988 and never been apart until he moved to Texas last January.

Here's the real facts. When both spouses lose great jobs after over twenty years of sailing along easy breezy, things get really real and really quick. We went through all our savings, a pretty substantial (by our standards) amount when Tim couldn't land a job in his field, or any  during the financial meltdown around 2006. If my two sibs and countless friends had  not supported and rallied to our rescue we would have lost everything.  Me being a server quickly found work but after two years of constant struggle for Tim, began to feel like a finger pointer which I still regret. I tend to have a strong pointer finger and can (did) wag it like a crazy lady.

The last five years have been a long blur of  borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and writing bad checks to keep utilities on because reconnect fees were higher than NSF fees.

Fast forward five years.

I took Tim to work with me at the airport where I'd landed the greatest job I'd ever had and he boarded a plane to go work in Texas for two years, a thousand miles away from all of us but with the chance of promotion if he did well.

He did well.

He's only been able to come home twice since but makes me realize what a commitment he's made to keep our family afloat. I'm sure he enjoys not seeing me point a finger but know he misses everyone and every pup. He knocked it out of the park in Texas and is being transferred again at the end of this month, just a hop skip and jump away from all of us.

If this transfer doesn't happen, something better will.

The moral of this long winded story is this:

You can't let things and obstacles define you. Be yourself and be a good person and define yourself.

 We chose to surround ourselves with God and the people who truly love us.

Karma is defined as "The total effect of one's actions during the successive phases of one's existence, regarding one's destiny."

It's been a battle,  not gonna lie but could and would do it again.

He brought me to this dance and you always  dance with the one who brung you.

Til next time...COTTON

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