Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Needed This

Massey and I have been planning to go see our former manager for weeks now at the new restaurant he moved to. It started out just being us three then grew to six and by today had dropped back to just her and me. I text my old boss and told him it would just us and if he wanted to reschedule would be fine with us. I thought he may not want to meet considering other peeps from the airport had planned on coming but was thrilled to receive a text he was looking forward to tonight and would see us at the planned time.

Atlanta traffic at five o'clock is horrific at best and needed to go I-285 North from Newnan which is a double whammy. We stopped at Flash Foods in Newnan for my daily coke icee and headed out almost dreading the drive. I'm not sure if I would have made the drive for anyone but him.

In the short time I worked for this man  learned more about serving than I ever have in thirty six years and learned even more about what's important in living. Just as I first was, Massey was a little intimidated by him when she started working at the airport with me but quickly came to love him as a boss and person just as I had. I'll have to say us Cotton's are excellent judges of character.

We hit the highway at the worst time expecting a nightmare drive but traffic never slowed down once and made it to the restaurant in astonishing time. I took it as an omen. We were meant to go.

I rarely do anything but go to work or the grocery store, not because I can't but more so because I simply just don't. After five years of being broke, going out and spending money on myself isn't a priority and  have plenty of laughs and fun with my own family and even with my work family.

Tonight I needed a break and got one!

First with the amazing traffic flow and second with a two hour dinner with my daughter and former boss. We got there at the exact same time, Massey spotted him walking right by our car as we pulled in.

The place was great and could tell the employees really liked and respected him just as we had.

He just got a job in property management from nine to five and as four days ago didn't work for the restaurant anymore but they all welcomed him like a well loved friend. We had drinks (Massey had tea) and had a wonderful dinner together. Amazing calamari appetizer and delectable salads. Massey and my salads were with seared Ahi Tuna and his with steak.
We shared a Creme Brulee that was decadent!

We told him all about the airport since he'd left and had many laughs about the bizarre life of working in the world's busiest crazy house aka airport.

While we were chatting he said something to me which made my night...actually year. He said one of his favorite things about me was that I was a fighter for whatever I believed in; for my kids, my family or even myself.

I couldn't and haven't received a better compliment (unless he'd said I didn't look a day over thirty) but also made me realize if you can't change things at work you don't like rise above them, be the better person and ultimately a winner.

I needed to hear that.

He's exactly right. You can't change others but you can't let others change you.

Work is tough enough without letting little things you can't change bother you especially when you're fifty five.

I have a fantastic job with some fantastic friends and even have my bestie with me three days a week.

My cup runneth over, even if it's half full.

This family has gone from having a half dead broken twig

 to having a fully alive and beautiful tree.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you and yours. Be grateful for little things and big ones are sure to follow.

I'm not worrying about  presents I still need to get or who I may have left out. I'm not worrying about bills due or the fact this is the slow season in the International terminal. I'm going to simply have a wonderful Christmas time and so should you.

Til next time... COTTON

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