Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Christmas

I've been kinda freaked out the past couple of weeks at work. Last year the airport was packed with travelers from Thanksgiving until well after Christmas. It was a moneypalooza for me. This year with all the madness of terrorism in the world going on people obviously listened to government warnings about traveling overseas (which they should totally take into consideration) and been much slower in the international terminal where I happen to work for my livelihood.

The last two days that I've gone into work, the lines at security have gotten longer and longer as more and more people seem to have decided to not let a tiny fraction of  over seven billion people in the world dictate how they spend their holidays.

Good for them!! (and me)

I  have also noticed (and appreciate) added presence and extra scrutiny of TSA, Homeland Security, Atlanta Police and generally most every employee at the airport. I also appreciate the fact travelers with Holiday destinations have finally seemed to say "We're mad as hell, not going to take it anymore and going to enjoy the holiday we planned!"

With the sudden slow down at work I slowed down as well. I went into our attic and garage, dug out every Christmas decoration and lights we hadn't used in over five years and decorated like the crazy lady I am, spending maybe ten bucks on fuses and a drop cord.

We haven't had lights on the outside of our house in too many years to remember. Actually the lights are so old they don't even make fuses for them anymore so just downsized and used good fuses from unused strands.

It still looked pretty good with all the work Tim and I did on the bushes taking over the front of our house when he came home to visit for the first time at the end of July.

The inside was a piece of cake. A little dusting, windexing glass and sucking up dog hair with the vacuum. I had already replaced all the window treatments before it slowed at work and done it pretty thriftily. The biggest expense was candles for all my candle holders and cost less than ten bucks.

I'm thinking Tim will pretty darned impressed when his flight gets in Christmas Eve and comes home to this.

 I was getting worried about being able to afford a tree because I like a Fraser Fir and like it at least fifteen feet tall, we have a twenty foot ceiling in our living room. I'm going to the farmer's market on Sunday where you can wheel a deal like my own momma did every year when we were kids. Last year I got one for under fifty bucks.

I finally got smart and have bought several gifts ahead of time. I never go overboard but tend to get gifts which mean something and significant to the person intended.

I'm feeling better about Christmas, even sending out cards this year, first time in probably ten.

I even got smart at work. I always bring treats for my co workers but added bags of Hersey kisses (on sale) which I bought in Christmas colors that I take to work and give every customer as I take them their bill. I say "Merry Christmas, have a happy Holiday Season and will be back to take care of this as soon as you're ready." So far nine times out of ten I get added gratuity. My two dollar bag of kisses made me over eighty extra bucks tonight and made a lot of people smile for a server going that extra step.

Yep...we'll be getting that tree, thanks to the travelers liking my added little touch.

Not bragging but truly strive to give the ultimate service experience when people dine with me. A Hersey Kiss is simply icing on the cake and an end to my means...a big ole Fraser Fir and the most perfect Christmas us Clampetts have had (and finally deserve) in quite some time.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and are able to spend it with the ones you love. I'll be lucky enough to.

Til next time...COTTON

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