Monday, November 16, 2015

It's A Crazy World But's All We Have

The recent bombings and attacks overseas disturb me greatly. Actually all  attacks on innocent people alarm me more than words can convey.

It's almost like these terroristic cells are in a pissing contest, which really pisses me off. Until the entire world comes together as one united force, will we ever be rid of this pathetic small corn on the pinkie toe of earth. By entire world I mean every country and nation. I mean Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, Greeks, Christians, Agnostics and non believers. I mean huge corporations, technology giants and billionaires with plenty of money to spare. I mean every military and every organization.

We need to all stick our heads out this small broken window of life called terrorism and scream:


Bet the sick bastards would listen THEN !!

Of course, that's just me and I'm kinda crazy anyway. Look at me in the above photo...I scream NUTS.

On to happier topics...

I'm still not sure how or why I landed my current job almost two years ago but am more grateful each and every day. Bonus points I've even gotten to work there with two of my kids.

My youngest is working with me there now, putting herself through her third year of college all on her own dime. I've worked with all three of my kids over the years. They grew up with me working in the restaurant industry and have all three dabbled in it along the way,  often working beside me.

TJ worked with me there when I first started.

 He needed a good job, I'd just landed one and they were looking for another server. They loved TJ and he was great at his job. The above photo is from the company Christmas party last year.

I'll have to say Massey tolerates me better at work. Well...not at work but on the way to and from.

TJ was mortified by things I would laugh at, say out loud or to other people. One case in point, the time the elevator doors opened on the second floor of the parking garage while we were riding with two other totally unknown males passengers simply going back to their vehicles. The doors opened and I said (in total old school elevator opening door announcements) "Second floor....ladies lingerie."

They both stood there, then one moved forward to get off  then reconsidered but finally moved out dragging his suitcase behind him. When the doors shut the other guy cracked up.

TJ rolled his eyes, looked away from me and shook his head.

Crazy, his dad does the same thing a lot with me.

We were broke back then and I still rode Marta to work. Added four hours of time to each work day and was a pain  but saved us tons of money.

I was totally mesmerized with and by a woman who rode with us. TJ would roll his eyes every time I got out my cell to tape her but not once in six months did she ever look at me once.

She zips and unzips her purse over seventy times in less than two minutes and is just fine with that.

It's like what's goes on in my  brain every waking moment. We were twins!

Then there was the dude on the shuttle bus who voluntarily sat very far away from all three of us other passengers on a bus for fourteen people.

TJ still insists I said it loudly (when I took this this picture) but couldn't resist:

"Nobody puts Bobby in a corner!"

I laughed about it for weeks...and just did.

Five years ago we were flat slap broke. The financial noose turned into a choker and even I couldn't find anything to laugh about.

Both siblings I have, other family members and every person I ever called a friend; acquaintances and even strangers came to our rescue.

If  around a hundred people can save my  family...why can't almost seven billion of us save ourselves from 184,000 idiots?

There's got to be an answer I don't know about but wish I did.

Maybe Jimi had it right.

Til next time...COTTON

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