Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting Our Eat On

Having Thanksgiving at my brother's in Orlando. Everybody but ole Jed / Fang will be there but would much rather have him home with us at Christmas for three full days.

I bet it's hard for him, being married to a woman who is a mix of Phyllis Diller and Granny Clampett.

Guess I better keep him, and thank him.

I decided to pick up two double shifts in a row to make up for taking two upcoming extra days off for Thanksgiving. The first one ran smooth as silk and was well compensated and just ended up to be almost thirteen hours.

When in my twenties, thirties and even forties I could work seven days a week fourteen hours a day and was a piece of cake....almost laughable.

Guess we see where that got me , but at least it got us here.

Got to open again at work in the morning, moving into my scheduled mid shift and hopefully be off before ten.

 I'm gonna be a 95lb pile of exhaustion on the floor they could sweep into a dust pan. But if survive will be off until Saturday afternoon.

Pray for me...I really want to eat at that fancy eatin' table.

Til next time...COTTON

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