Saturday, October 17, 2015

Getting Closer Every Day

We played the poor hand for well over five years and has paid off quite handsomely. All bills are current, both have great jobs with great benefits,  excellent insurance and getting closer every day to being together once again.

My husband is almost halfway done with his two year stint away from the family working in Lubbock and getting closer to home every day. I know he misses us terribly but stepped up, did what was best for the family in the long run and admire him for doing it...for us.

Meanwhile I'm here keeping the home fire burning and almost feel bad for how happy I am with my job here at home. The house is coming around nicely and every couple of weeks make improvements and fix things that have needed fixing for literally years.

Tim left in early February, came home for a week at the end of July and wasn't planning on coming home again until January.

His sister from California hooked him up with her frequent flier miles and he's going to be able to come home Christmas Eve and stay until December twenty seventh.


This crazy bunch will all celebrate and berate together this year. Trust me, it will be a day of much fun, many laughs and hugs and memories will be made once again.

Work has been awesome for me and go in every day grateful beyond belief.

I get to work with my bestie every weekend; who has turned out to be a wonderful young woman who works hard, paying her way through her third year of college and is loved by all. I asked her just today how she liked having a crazy momma and her coy smile said it all. We laugh every day, vent every night and is an adventure I tremendously enjoy.

Zach's doing great, working two jobs and making that money. TJ's doing just as well and starting a new life with his own little family.

 Then he went ahead and added another person for us to love.

My kids aren't kids anymore.

They are three young adults going forth and conquering life with a vengeance.

For over half a decade I've dreaded Christmas coming. Nobody likes to get excited about having to do their shopping at Dollar General using coupons.

This year I say "BRING IT!"

We're not going overboard, I never do but sure will be nice to have money to fix a nice dinner,  get the people you love something they need or want and see a sincere smile on their face when opening it.

Til next time...COTTON

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