Thursday, October 22, 2015

Almost Giddy

Five years ago we were lost in a sea of financial despair and constant, almost all consuming worry. 

I used to relentlessly coupon. I used to write bad checks to keep utilities on because was cheaper than the cut off and reconnect fee. I thought about trying to make strawberry frosting one time for a cake out of the strawberry conditioner I got for .59 (not really...did think about it and chuckled but you get the gist). My sister's Sunday School class paid to have our septic system pumped when it backed up. A customer at the restaurant where I worked paid well over a grand to have our A/C fixed one hot long, broke summer. We had friends and we had strangers simply give us gift cards or drop a cabinet full of food by in person.

I felt like I should be ashamed but wasn't in the least.

I was relieved beyond belief.

I was unbelievably amazed and we will all be eternally grateful.

Every lucky person needs a mid life humbling and I was way overdue.

I was also fortunate enough to have over a quarter century of fun filled, easy breezy years where my biggest worry was what to cook for supper.

I was even more fortunate in our downward spiral to have two wonderful siblings, countless friends... even strangers who simply helped in so many ways I couldn't keep count.

They all Paid It Forward.

It's a concept that could  (would) change the world.

It's like a reverse pyramid scheme.

Instead of encouraging others to join your plan, make them underlings while you profit... help ones who need it and hope one day they too will feel inspired to Pay It Forward.

I am feeling it...and have been for over a year now.

I had an awesome mentor...our service manager, Damir. I miss my Muslim buddy every day.

When I got my new job was absolutely and well deservedly petrified. I was a fish out of water and definitely a Clampett. Damir scared me as well. He's a true professional and was hard on me. At the time I thought he was picking on me but learned over the course of almost a year that he was only educating and making me change for the better as a server. Every single time he saw me do something wrong or the improper way, he'd correct me. I always countered with my standard "Yes sir." I get the compliments I do now about my service because of him.

I'm the server I am today because of this man and just adds one more thing to what I'm eternally grateful for. On his last day I gave him a blinged out turban with his nickname on it and a shirt with pork on it. (touche') He wore both out the front door of the restaurant when he left.

I purposely didn't work the last day he worked...I would have cried.
My daughter worked though and shot this video of his last speech to us all.

I know now what I have to sell... my self and all which makes me a good server. I've learned how to let guests experience joy, thanks to Damir.

Lucky beyond belief and ready to do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next!

Til next time...COTTON

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