Saturday, January 3, 2015

We Made It !!

Well we not only survived but just beginning to thrive! I just got home from work; It's a little past midnight and groceries are put away, ready for New Year's day dinner.

I couldn't believe how many people fly on New Year's Eve, especially international flights. The tipping gods smiled on me once again.

I was riding home down the highway tonight (well last night now) thinking about how much has changed in my life this past year.

Number one I am now a brain surgeon. Well not technically but after going through training for my new job feel I should at least be qualified as one.

Tim has a good steady full time job with lots of potential for advancement.

Massey is almost through with her sophomore year at the university and has stayed on track to success.

Zach matured and has turned out to be a pretty amazing kid. He just came downstairs, hugged me goodnight and said was going to bed...and it's New Year's Eve. (Smart kid)

TJ is engaged to a wonderful girl and I'm gonna be a granny fo shizzle!

This time last year was wringing my hands wondering how we'd make it another month.
This year I feeling like clapping them!!
 I finally have a car after two years,  it's paid for and so far running okay. We bought Tim a truck from my next door husband. It's a 1990 but runs like a champ and is also paid for.
I tried the couponing thing but just don't have the time to do it right. I'd end up buying things I really didn't need and spend more on stuff we'd never use. Half the time I'd forget to take them with me to store anyway.
I've slowly started to pay back and even pay forward. The people I owe the most to are my sibs and they  probably wrote it off when they loaned it to us. It'll be baby steps and a hundred bucks at a time but need  to. Do you know how many millions upon millions wish they had wonderful sibs to rely on?
I've learned humility and the true power of prayer. I've learned that people besides the ones related to me really love my family.
I'm one lucky girl.
I have a new job which I absolutely love and just recently can start to feel myself excelling toward my full potential as a server. I never thought I could make this much money being  just a server but is rewarding, thrilling and almost intoxicating.
I'm a lucky girl.
My older boxer is still blind but healthy, heart worm free and not only hanging in there but hanging close to momma thanks to well over a dozen people.
I still have two other dogs and isn't one brain between all three but  love them. Pups are the greatest medicine in the world. Instead of giving prescriptions for depression meds, docs should give people pups. Trust me they are truly mans / womans best friends and never complain or talk back. (thus far)

My sister painted my kitchen walls, table, chairs and stool.  One of my dearest friends decorated the walls and windows. Then my younger son and the Lost Boys not only installed a new floor for me...but even finished it! If I ever feel myself slipping into slight depression I go sit in the kitchen. The room exudes happiness!

We're still living paycheck to paycheck but sure beats when we couldn't.

For the past few years I've felt like we were just spinning our wheels. Feels good for them to finally have some forward traction again.

I can finally say with almost near certainty will be laughing about these past five years pretty soon.

Well, at least sooner than later now.

Here's some things I  won't miss:

Running out in my PJ's to give a utility worker a bad check after they hung a cut off notice on the front door, knocked for five minutes then headed back to their truck.

Going through the far drive through window at the bank in case they bellow over the speaker I was in the red.

Thinking about how I can make a meal out of canned tomatoes and loaf bread.

My kids always wondering if momma was gonna make good on a promise.

My dogs not eating for a day but never complaining. (I know they felt like it)

Not knowing if we were sinking further into the abyss or simply treading extremely murky and seemingly toxic water.

Now I know.

If a blind man could see it, why couldn't I?

That pretty much says it all and if  doesn't...this does.

Don't be hating on me because it's two African American videos back to back.

When it comes to people I  am colorblind. Shouldn't we all be?

I attended a high school where was  pretty close to being a minority by the time I graduated.

I am lucky to have gone there. It opened my eyes to the real world.

Bias and judgments  make me shake my tiny head.

We're all humans. Let's love each other.

Till next time...COTTON



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