Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do You Ever Get Used To It?

I had to take Massey back to school today. Classes start Monday but had training for her new job tonight.

We stopped by my old place of employment for a "Johnny's Special" aka the greatest sub ever made. Two girls I used to work with were there working so Massey and I hopped onto two stools at the counter so we could chat with them while we ate.

I worked there for about fourteen years and is a huge chunk of my life. It's even where I met Tim. There's nothing better than sitting at the counter at the Virginia Avenue location.

Massey has only recently started going there with me and is always a fun visit. The girls remember her, Massey was too young to remember them but knows them now and is always a fun stop for us on the way back to her university just ten minutes away.

We were chattering away with June (one of the servers) when she asked if we had seen the Big Guy and pointed behind us. I turned around to see my old boss sitting at a booth talking with someone. He looked up, waved and said hello. I pointed to the now young woman beside me and said "Can you believe this is Massey?" He hasn't seen her since she was a baby. Massey waved to him and they spoke briefly.

We turned back around to keep eating and Massey asked who he was?

That was a shock to me. I keep forgetting she can't remember being in my belly or even her first two or three years.

Now she knows who he is too.

We left and not ten minutes later were at her loft. I took her by the grocery store first to pick up a few things since she's been gone for Christmas. She got out her debit card to pay and quickly swiped mine instead. She bought nothing but essentials and looked for every lowest priced item. If it had me as college student I'd be picking up spaghettio's and Little Debbies. She was so frugal with her choices it was my pleasure to pay.

She can wear me out and often does but always seems to amaze me even more.

I scored a front door parking spot for just two bucks...phenomenal luck parking on Edgewood Avenue! I usually have to dump her off at the door or pay seven or eight dollars to park just so I can go up with her.

Top right corner right under the penthouse is her room.

I took this picture after setting down the grocery bags on her counter. Talk about a room with a view.

Jeez, you can even see Stone Mountain on the horizon from her room.

In a few short months she'll be a junior on her way to a college degree. That is awesomely inspiring to a momma.

Rush hour traffic would hit in less than an hour and I needed to go. If you've ever lived in Atlanta you know how traffic is on the "Grady Curve" after four.

She commented more than once on the ride how it was hard to leave home again.

I told her home would always be there for her, and it will.

I love the way she drew with chalk on the concrete beams in the corner her room. The girl's got a very artistic flair.

I imagine she will continue to not only amaze me but amaze herself.

One more bestie selfie and I hit the road back to Newnan. She rode down with me in the elevator and walked me to my car out front. We kissed and hugged goodbye. I wanted to hug her longer but knew tears would well up in my eyes. I already felt 'em poking from behind my eye lids.

She's only forty five minutes away but arms don't reach that far.

She's coming home in a week or two to meet Darwin. Her Christmas/Birthday/Christmas present. It's a car she's already named. Her last one was "Finnegan". This one is a nineties model Maxima we scored for eight hundred bucks from a sous chef at work.

Guess what his name is?

That's Darwin in the white chef coat. We had this pic taken when we ate at Ecco last week.

Here's my thinking. If you're gonna buy a used car, buy one from somebody you work with every day and seems to like you. It will be a great little car for just what she needs. Tooling around while she's at home and a spare car if we need it.

From this

 came this.

If we can make it this far we can make it to the planet Pluto.

My inner voice tells me I'm doing okay.

My parents left me in excellent hands.

Till next time...COTTON

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