Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Coming Into The Homestretch

The closer Labor Day gets the  more I am almost relieved will be my last day working at the world's busiest airport.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love  my job, will never work for a better company than Fifth Group Restaurants and always appreciate everything they've allowed me to become as a server and attain for myself and my family.

  But let me tell you a few things I won't miss.

Number one it's a freaking daily nightmare just getting to the job!  Parking is the biggest money maker at the airport and with no airport employee parking for us servers better be glad I'm cleaning up on almost every shift. Of course they're cleaning up too, taking almost $3,000 from me annually for parking.

Totally redonkulous if you ask me considering the billions I'm helping them make by working there.

I won't miss working for a place that has a Union which totally enables poor attendance and work ethic. Yeah, it's supposed to be in place to help people who are wronged but does the opposite most all of the time, helps lazy people keep their job by doing the bare minimum but always know every number of call out or no shows they can have in a thirty day period before they lose their job and use every stinking one of them every stinking month.

I guess if you have a really crappy job, it's the bonus that makes you take the crappy job, knowing you can simply not even show up for work two days in a row without even calling and still  keep your job, if you show up the third day and only do it once every thirty one days.

That even sounds  insane, but trust me after working there for two and a half years have witnessed it at least once on a daily basis. That's pretty pathetic when people spend more time learning how to get out of a job than doing their job.

It seems like a lot of money for people to to have taken out of their check just so you can sometimes, occasionally take care of and fight for the actual legitimate victims wronged.

Maybe it's just because I'm fifty six, but what does that say about our future fifty six year olds?

Don't get me wrong, HMS has been wonderful to me. It also helps I make it easy for them. I show up on time, work hard and (trust me) my name is known by the higher ups (in a good way) and will be more than helpful in my transfer. The great thing about working for a global company is the benefits and for the first time in fifteen years have them all.

Who knows? I may love the Orlando airport, make good money and have time left over to pursue my dream of writing. 

Number three I've finally realized the whole logistics of my (best ever) job is wearing me out.

If I had found this job when I was a thirty year old server, we'd be comfortably retired by now.


And I'm even in better shape than most of the younguns I work with.

"Damn you, timing!"

It's been the glorious answer, ends to our means and taught me more than I've ever learned about serving in my almost thirty seven year career... but is definitely wearing me slap out. 

The thing I like the most about this job right about now is that will be over with in seven weeks and three days.

Not that I'm counting.

I'm going to hang around for the Olympics. Should be (and already is) stellar money and will bow out grateful and graciously as the busy travel season dies down after Labor Day.

I'm not sure how our family would have made it this far without my job which enabled Tim to cruise on up in his own new job, having to move halfway across the country for two years but am grateful every morning I wake up and no one is knocking on our door to tell us they are cutting off utilities or not answer the phone because I already know who it is and how much we owe them.

I went into work today and the big boss from HMS was there talking with the managers of Ecco. He stopped me to ask if was still planning on leaving? He said I needed to go by Human Resources and apply for a transfer to the Orlando airport. He had already told them of my intentions and had the paper ready.

I'm transferring with HMS who runs concessions in airports all over the world. I'm not transferring with Fifth Group who owns Ecco. They only (unfortunate for me) operate in Atlanta.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...especially when she's a wife and momma.

Yes I'll probably be working at a Chili's or OutBack but will still have all my same seniority status, benefits... which include dental, medical, life, disability and vision insurance for myself, Massey and Zachary for less than two hundred dollars a month.

That's the deal breaker right there holding me hostage at the Orlando airport.

At least at first.

But even better is our family will be together again after well over three tumultuous (yet) tremendous years.

Even though I'm totally a 'dog' person, am much like a cat in ways. I'll chase something around like crazy if I want it bad enough and have luckily always landed on my feet.

That's okay too.

I have really tough feet but can also fight like a dog.

I'm just taking it one day at a time now. Show time is right around the corner.

I'm picking and packing up the family left here in the matter of less than two weeks and moving it all to Orlando or Melbourne or Cocoa or St Cloud to a house we'll pick in less than two days time.

Sounds crazy to do but being crazy is my forte'.

So yet another day has passed or maybe two. I went into work today and was pleasantly surprised with a repeat offender (what we jokingly call returning guests) being seated at my table.

Coolest dude in the world, making a real difference. He encourages and uplifts our future generation with the message of "One Love" with his one world children chorus. The video below is from a cancer center event for youngins here in the States.

These are the kind of celebrities I enjoy meeting the most.

So since beginning this post I believe almost five days have gone by, but will just continue on with my thoughts.

My immediate goal is to survive the next eight weeks.

All I need is a job I love almost as much as Ecco and  make enough money to pay for us all three of us to go on Tim's insurance (which is a bit more pricey) and have some left to get by with.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Regardless, is the one I'm currently furiously chasing and you know me..."I'll land on my feet.

Massey and I got back to the car after work last night and in her usual millennium fashion asked me to take selfie with her ... because we hadn't taken a work one together in a while.

So I did.

Looking back over the past year have come to the conclusion I am one extremely lucky woman and for many reasons.

One of them is being lucky enough to have worked side by side with my youngest for over a year and even while she lived with me.

That was a bond forming year for sure and one most mommas aren't fortunate enough to experience.

I got her a job with me bussing tables and running food where I work. It's pretty physically demanding if done right... and she did it more than right.

We're co workers at work and always keep it that way. Many fellow employees never even knew she was my daughter until someone mentioned it, often months after her starting there. I've been more than amazed at what a great job she does.

Thrown suddenly into a grown up environment and the dog eat dog world of  a restaurant job.

She's made more money than she ever has before and earned every penny of it. She paid her entire way through college last year and just bought her first car on her own.

She's learned respect and earned respect. Best two values you can have in life.

She's been by my side every step of the way, five days a week this past year. We don't always agree but always hug after disagreeing.  I know I'm not the easiest person to have for a mom, I'm a maniac but at least know it.

Sometimes I get extremely frustrated at work with the apathetic employees, unfortunately we have a few.

I need to take a step back from the big picture and remember what one of my managers once told me.

"Keep doing the job the same way you are, make your money and don't worry about the rest."

Seven weeks to go now. Gotta stay positive, negativity drags you down.

The  job has much more good about it than than bad. That's a blessing in itself.

Til next time...COTTON

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