Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth on the Fifth

If I had to wear a 4th of July shirt I'd pick this one. It's clever...and true, America's got my back. I'm proud to be an American.

It was slow yesterday and today at work but was to be expected. On the up side we ate good, had more than a few laughs and still managed to walk out with well over a hundred dollars each night. The next couple of days will the  precursor to flat out craziness which (lucky for me) occurs every July through November in the international terminal of the world's busiest airport.

And I'm ready!

Looking sharp ain't I?

Not bad for fifty five and (hard to believe)  haven't even bought one fashion magazine since the seventies!

My daughter has a friend from England coming to visit for a week here at the Clampett/Cotton compound day after tomorrow. I was kind of worried.

Number one I can't even imagine being able to fly Massey to England and  give her spending money for a week just to visit a friend she met last year while doing a gig as a counselor at Girl Scout camp last summer and number two they're paying all that money to send her to live with us for a week.

I randomly asked Massey on the way home from work the other night... "She knows we're not rich, right?"  Massey didn't get offended, seem ruffled one bit just happily (while Snap chatting) chirped back "No, she knows all about us".

I wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing?

It's not like she's visiting the White House, she's visiting our house!

 I took mental inventory and decided it was okay. It's not a dump but it not's a palace. If you want a roof over your head, laughter and love all around you, it's a proverbial mansion. (if you don't look too close or open closets)

I think the kid will go back across the pond in a week knowing the REAL America.

Good people who can survive bad times, have a few battle scars but also have a chance to rebound and move ahead if you give it your all.

I have two days to prepare and always work better under pressure.

I think it's gonna be fun having a Brit here for a week.

Stay tuned...COTTON

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